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Parking Lot Safety



Please be mindful when dropping off and picking up your child in the school parking lot. To maintain safety and order, it is imperative that all rules are followed: 

  • Pull up to the sign that reads, “passenger drop-off begins here.” This allows space for approximately 5-6 cars to drop-off / pick-up students at one time and moves the line quickly.
  • Students should not walk across the parking lot to get to their parent’s vehicle.
  • Students must wait in the drop-off / pick-up area for their parent to arrive.
  • No one should park in the handicapp parking spaces unless they have tags granting that permission.
  • Follow the direction of the security assistant who is guiding the traffic.

Thank you for adhering to these procedures to ensure the safety of our students. 

RPMS Fundraiser: Order your Holiday Wreaths from a Vermont Farm!

holiday-wreathWould you like a beautiful and fragrant 25″ holiday wreath for your front porch? Garage doors? Fence gates? Then now is the time to order one, two or even more!

These wreaths are fresh from a Vermont farm and are only $25 each. They will also make a great holiday gift and they will last throughout the season!

Don’t wait – go ahead and place your order through this link and also feel free to share this message with your friends and family! We will be placing the order by 10/23/16 and the wreaths will be in by 11/20. Pick up is at Rosa Parks in the evening of 11/23/16 between 5 pm – 7 pm.


Have you joined your child’s PTA?

Still on the fence on joining the PTA? There are many great reasons – here are some!

As a parent, the number one reason to join your child’s PTA is to help your child.  In doing so you also help the school and your community. PTA membership offers great advantages such as staying connected to the school, access to great resources for parents and students, networking/ volunteer opportunities and effective ways to suggest change for your child’s school.

We are happy to report that over the last two weeks of September alone we added 51 members comprising of both parents and teachers to the RPMS PTA community.  That is great news and thank you for joining!!! … yet it is only part of the story.

Did you know that our PTA membership numbers also tell us that there is an opportunity for you to remain involved in your child’s PTA? Compared to the number of enrolled students at Rosa Parks Middle School, we are happy to see a 36% involvement from 6th grade parents, 21% involvement from 7th grade and about 16% involvement from 8th grade parents.  That could be because most parents do not know that you must re-join your child’s PTA every year!! We understand – September is a busy time for parents and teachers, and it is so easy to forget to renew your membership. That is why we are kicking off a membership drive to reach out to you in October through mid-November and invite you to join or re-join and continue to advocate for your child and support the RPMS community.

Let’s make a difference in our children’s and student’s education! Whether you are a parent or a teacher of Rosa Parks Middle School, demonstrate to your child  and student the importance you place on their education by being a great role model. Join us today and don’t forget to share this story and spread the word with your friends, family and co-workers.


Your friends at RPMS PTA

No longer have students at RPMS?

If you no longer have students at Rosa Parks MS and wish to unsubscribe to our yahoo group, you may achieve this as follows:

Scroll to the very bottom of a message you have received from the yahoo group and click on unsubscribe, or send an email to

Fun family event – sponsored by NEC Sherwood Area PTAs – Oct 29

Please see the attached flyer for a fun family event celebrating a cultural collaboration of community and commitment to kids.