Teamwork makes the Dream work! – Join or rejoin RPMS PTA

Hi Rosa Parks Family and Community,

This is Robert Tucker, your PTA Vice President. Along with all of us on the PTA Board, we itucker-familynvite you to be a vital part of the Rosa Parks family and join or renew your membership with the RPMS PTA, today!

We believe Teamwork makes the Dream work. We have an opportunity to contribute to the education, safety, and advancement of our community through our children. The healthiest and strongest families are those where all family members are contributing to the family team. We are currently 400+ members. Our goal is 100% participation representing our 871 children at Rosa Parks so we can have the healthiest and strongest school –family – community possible. Your participation and team work makes the dream a reality for our sons and daughters. That dream is that the middle schoolers in our community will have all the resources necessary to receive a grade A education with a strong foundation.

Your membership dollars goes toward school building improvements such as a fresh coat of paint, general up keep, new desks, chrome books, technology and much needed resources and tools our kids need to get a first rate education. It also goes towards staff appreciation, and to sponsor other valuable events at the school as well.

Join the PTA today through a family or community membership and help strengthen our say in how our tax dollars are being spent on education.  The more members, the stronger our PTA’s vote/voice counts as we make appeals and requests to the Board of Education and advocate on behalf of our children. Our elected officials know that numbers speak volumes. Membership = advocacy. When we advocate for our children’s causes and we have the backing of hundreds or thousands of PTA members behind us, they will listen; these are their continuants, their co-workers, staffers and their friends and neighbors.  Chances are they will help or at a minimum see what they can do.

The stronger the PTA of a local school – the stronger our voice at the county and state level. Today’s PTA is Informed, Empowered, and Responsible. The National PTA is a powerful network of nearly 5 million people dedicated to making a difference in the education, health, and safety of America’s children. This is why our membership numbers make a difference.

Become an RPMS PTA member for $30; join us at our PTA meetings and help us advocate for our children. We will work hard to make your membership and time worth your while. Your membership is an investment in your child and mine in both their education and their learning environment.

Your return on your investment is immeasurable!

Parking Lot Safety



Please be mindful when dropping off and picking up your child in the school parking lot. To maintain safety and order, it is imperative that all rules are followed: 

  • Pull up to the sign that reads, “passenger drop-off begins here.” This allows space for approximately 5-6 cars to drop-off / pick-up students at one time and moves the line quickly.
  • Students should not walk across the parking lot to get to their parent’s vehicle.
  • Students must wait in the drop-off / pick-up area for their parent to arrive.
  • No one should park in the handicapp parking spaces unless they have tags granting that permission.
  • Follow the direction of the security assistant who is guiding the traffic.

Thank you for adhering to these procedures to ensure the safety of our students. 

Volunteer Training!!!

volunteersMoms, Dads and Families,

We need you to volunteer in our school. Often there are opportunities for help in the building and during evening activities. The PTA and Rosa Parks Middle School welcome you!

This year the county has required that all adults who volunteer in our building have completed a Child Abuse and Neglect Training. Once you have completed this training you will receive an email confirmation. Please print this confirmation and turn it into our PTA mailbox in the main office or email to Suzanne VanDusen, our Volunteer Coordinator at and we will file it.

Thank you for taking time to insure the safety and well-being of all our students.


Gina Woodward

PTA President


Please make sure that you have an Edline account for your child.


Edline provides parents and students with a secure environment in which to find information about student progress and grades. Assignments and other relevant class and curriculum-related information may also be included. Parents and students can access this password-protected classroom-to-home communication system via the Internet 24 hours a day.

If you need an Edline account access code, please email Mr. David Hamrick ( for assistance.