Save the Date! – SSL Information Night (7 – 8 pm at RPMS Media Center)

We are excited to announce that the Rosa Parks PTA is hosting a panel discussion about Student Service Learning (SSL) requirements for our middle school parents and students. We are bringing in a panel of speakers made up of students and counselors. These students are from your own RPMS community who have exceeded their SSL hours and demonstrated their dedication to student service and volunteerism and plans to share their commitment and ideas with our middle school families. We will also have counselor(s) who are prepared to talk about the program requirements, the benefits of accumulating SSL hours and suggest activities that are available in our RPMS community.

This event is in lieu of the February PTA meeting. After the event we will hold a brief business meeting from 8 – 9 pm to discuss PTA matters. Everyone is welcome to stay on and attend the second half of the event.



Request for comments: MCCPTA – 2016-17 ADVOCACY PRIORITIES

RPMS PTA is requesting comments and input regarding the 2016-17 advocacy priorities for MCCPTA. This has been brought before the MCCPTA delegates for review with our schools.  If you have any questions and/or concerns that you would like to discuss or take back to the council at the January 2017 council please contact our PTA Delegate for Sherwood CC, Khristy Kartsakalis


Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA) is comprised of 193 local PT(S)As in Montgomery County, MD, representing nearly 50,000 students, parents, family members, teachers, staff and administrators of Montgomery County Public Schools. To ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, native language, and ability, MCCPTA will advocate for MCPS to achieve the following:


  • Close the Achievement/Opportunity Gap and Improve Success for All Students
  • Hire and retain more diverse classroom staff, with increased implicit bias and cultural sensitivity training for all staff
  • Expand acceleration and enrichment in PreK-3
  • Increase professional development for teachers regarding curriculum implementation
  • Encourage timely, data-driven monitoring to measure and report whole school performance
  • Continue to reduce class sizes
  • Increase school support staff such as, but not limited to, counselors, nurses and paraeducators, and make staff allocations based upon school size and need
  • Retain math 4/5 and 5/6 stand alone classes for all students who need above grade-level challenges
  • Set clear goals for completing technology rollout, and seek innovative uses of technology to support learning
  • Expand foreign language instruction by offering more languages and elementary instruction
  • Review the impact of revised bell times and start dates and continue dialogue with community
  • Increase the number of elementary instrumental music teachers, and support additional staffing and funding for all levels of instrumental music instruction
  • Measure successful outcomes by monitoring and reviewing each student’s individual progress and report to parents
  • Accurately identify and provide appropriate resources, accommodations, technology and staff training to support students receiving Special Education services or English Language Learners and their families
  • Provide explicit curriculum enrichment and acceleration for students identified as GT in all grade levels
  • Improve advocacy and awareness of student mental health services
  • Investigate creative ways to expand AP course offerings in schools with low enrollment
  • Expand unique academic offerings to include something for each middle or high school


  • Increase funding for continued development of safe, modern schools
  • Fund Revitalization/Expansion (Rev/Ex) and capacity projects. Consider projected enrollment, school’s physical condition, impact of overcrowding, lifecycle costs of relocatable classrooms and student/staff safety when planning Rev/Ex projects
  • Re-evaluate conditions of all schools in an unbiased, objective manner to determine Rev/Ex placement
  • Coordinate planning and policy for necessary school capacity in concert with the county planning process
  • Repair and replace HVAC systems


  • Encourage an equitable education for all students
  • Encourage county leaders to address current and future overcrowding issue
  • Improve efforts to engage all families and stakeholders through community outreach, improved communications and multilingual outreach
  • Address the growing safety issue of gang violence in communities surrounding our schools
  • Encourage bullying prevention programs in all schools and empower students to address interpersonal conflicts in a constructive manner
  • Expand academic and enrichment after school programs through community partnerships and expand access to transportation for extracurricular programs and Saturday School
  • Promote continued improvement in nutritious food choices and availability

Parking Lot Safety



Please be mindful when dropping off and picking up your child in the school parking lot. To maintain safety and order, it is imperative that all rules are followed: 

  • Pull up to the sign that reads, “passenger drop-off begins here.” This allows space for approximately 5-6 cars to drop-off / pick-up students at one time and moves the line quickly.
  • Students should not walk across the parking lot to get to their parent’s vehicle.
  • Students must wait in the drop-off / pick-up area for their parent to arrive.
  • No one should park in the handicapp parking spaces unless they have tags granting that permission.
  • Follow the direction of the security assistant who is guiding the traffic.

Thank you for adhering to these procedures to ensure the safety of our students. 

Volunteer Training!!!

volunteersMoms, Dads and Families,

We need you to volunteer in our school. Often there are opportunities for help in the building and during evening activities. The PTA and Rosa Parks Middle School welcome you!

This year the county has required that all adults who volunteer in our building have completed a Child Abuse and Neglect Training. Once you have completed this training you will receive an email confirmation. Please print this confirmation and turn it into our PTA mailbox in the main office or email to Suzanne VanDusen, our Volunteer Coordinator at and we will file it.

Thank you for taking time to insure the safety and well-being of all our students.


Gina Woodward

PTA President