PTA Vacancies

We are starting to look ahead to next year. We need you to be involved. There are some positions that need to be filled.

Webmaster: We need someone with website expertise to take over and manage our PTA website. You will have a small budget to cover costs such as hosting expenses.

Volunteer coordinator: We have identified one volunteer coordinator but two would be great. Attendance at PTA meetings helpful but not always mandatory. Responsibility is year round.

Membership: We need one more set of hands to help with our membership drive and directory – responsibility runs August through October.

Beautification: We need a parent to support the Beautification committee and there are opportunities for you all to use their skills and talents. Attendance at PTA meetings helpful but not always mandatory. Responsibility is as needed.

MCCPTA Delegates: We need TWO more MCCPTA Delegates to attend the monthly meetings, and vote on behalf of the RPMS PTA.

Grade Liaisons: We need two sixth grade liaisons. Attendance at PTA meetings helpful but not always mandatory.

Special Ed Committee Rep: We would like to start this program at RPMS and would need one parent who is willing to represent our school at the county level meetings and report back at the school PTA meeting.

Welcome Message from your PTA President

Dear Rosa Parks Family and Staff,

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a relaxing summer.

The Rosa Parks PTA is looking forward to working with you as we collaborate with Rosa Parks’ staff for another fabulous school year. The goal of the PTA is to enhance the educational experience of our children in 3 areas: family engagement, health and safety, and multi-cultural arts in education.

My name is Gina Woodward and I am excited to be the President of the PTA for the 2017-2018 school year. I have been a member of the Rosa Parks community for over 18 years as a parent, staff member and now as both a parent and a staff member. I know we have the best students, parents and staff members who will help make great things happen.

On behalf of the Rosa Parks PTA board we welcome you to the 2017-18 school year and would like to invite you to take a look at our membership drive, sign up and get involved right away.

Here are a few ways you can be a part of this community:
1. Please join PTA!  Membership will buy you, up to two adult memberships, a directory of students, voting rights, and a card that shows you support your child and teachers in education. Online sign up on is the easiest! Your votes have helped us move our needs forward with the county council and school board in the past; there is power in numbers!

Membership dues and donations allow the PTA to support various programs within the Rosa Parks Community. In 2016-2017, the PTA contributed to:

  • Beautification & Landscaping
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Multi-Cultural Night
  • Themed School Dances

Each single or double membership entitles your family to one directory. A single membership has one vote and a double membership has two.
2. Give to the Direct Appeal Campaign to support the costs of programs for our students and their families as well as help fulfill the school’s “wish list”. This Direct Appeal Campaign allows us to support our school DIRECTLY and enjoy the programs without the overwhelming feeling of fundraising constantly.
3. Volunteer to support our school community. There are a lot of ways you can get involved. We will have information at all school open house events and in the main office.
4. Stay connected: we are working on a new communication device that will replace our Yahoo Group and updating our webpage. Keep an eye on the website, it is a goal of mine to keep this up-to-date for our community.

Middle School years can be the best and the hardest for both parents and students, just ask someone who has taught this age for 25 years, so let’s do this together!

Gina Woodward (
Rosa Parks PTA President 2016-2018

MCCPTA Incident – Financial Irregularities

Message from the PTA President

Dear Rosa Parks Middle School Families,

There have been some questions about a recent issue brought to light by our local news and I would like to take a moment to share with all of you the information I have received.  The following is a copy of an email I received from Charisse Scott the MCCPTA Vice President for the NEC/Sherwood Cluster and an attachment of a FAQ sheet released by MCCPTA on Wednesday of this week.  I have omitted the information regarding a meeting that was held last Tuesday, May 25 because I did not want to confuse anyone.   Other than the information I am sharing I have no other information and it is an ongoing police investigation.  Please note this is an issue of Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Association.  It is not an investigation of any local PTA.


Gina Woodward

Rosa Parks Middle School PTA President


Greetings NEC/SHERWOOD PTA Family,

It is with a heavy heart and stern spirit that I write asking that you take a moment to reflect on your role as PTA/School Leaders. While the roles you have assumed are voluntary in nature, you are an elected official in every respect to the position you now hold.

With local PTA, and county MCCPTA elections in progress, please do not take for granted the responsibility being entrusted to you and your fellow colleagues. How you represent your school, your community, and yourself is a reflection on us all from a public point of view.

Modernizing the role of the PTA to mirror the current needs of our school communities has been a key focus for us this year, and it will continue to be as we push our Triple AAA Initiative, Awareness to Advocate for Action. However to garner the support of the non traditional PTA Parent, it is imperative that we earn and maintain their trust, to believe that we have them and their children’s best interest at heart with every initiative we put forth and encourage their full engagement to ensure their needs are properly represented and actively addressed.

The following is a note from the  MCCPTA Audit Team:

On April 6th, the President provided PDF files of the bank statements downloaded directly from the bank, and on April 9th, a treasurer’s file of receipts and invoices. Significant financial irregularities were found. A police report was filed by Mr. Geller and the Audit Team provided documentation to the Montgomery County Police Department’s Financial Crimes Section. The Audit Team will present our report and will have all documentation available in order to answer questions you may have. We also have an extensive list of recommendations which will help protect our organization in the future.

Because of the sensitive nature of this matter, and the very direct impact it may have on the constituents of the NEC/Sherwood, I strongly encourage us to be supportive and productive in any conversation that may be had surrounding this issue, and that we all take the necessary precautions to ensure the integrity of the investigation is not compromised, and likewise that the integrity of the organizations we have been chosen to lead voluntarily, remain upstanding and effective in all of its efforts.

Stay Tuned for Details on an ALL CLUSTER ACTION MEETING in MAY as we welcome all of our new officers on Board.

Your Cluster Coordinators and I are here to be a resource for you with any questions you may have or direction you may need to help you serve in your very best capacity. Call on us no matter how simple or difficult the problem may seem.

Have a Positively Productive Week & Share This Message with your PTA Colleagues as Needed,

Charisse Scott, AVP
Montgomery County Council of PTA’s
Northeast Consortium & Sherwood Cluster

MCCPTA Audit into Financial Irregularities FAQ

Suspensions Expulsions of Young Students Out

The House passed a bill that would limit when young students can be suspended or expelled.

The House of Delegates approved legislation Thursday that would significantly curb the practice of suspending or expelling the youngest public school students without first taking other steps to improve their behavior.

The measure now goes to the state Senate, where a committee approved a similar bill Thursday.

Delegates voted 91-48 for the House measure, which bars the suspension or expulsion of prekindergarten, kindergarten, first and second grades students except in narrow circumstances — such as bringing a gun to school. Students could be suspended for up to nine days in the House version — five in the Senate’s — only if a mental health professional determines there is an “imminent threat of serious harm to other students or staff” that can’t be addressed another way.

The legislation directs that schools provide “intervention and support” for students who are suspended or expelled instead of merely sending them home.
Del. Brooke E. Lierman, the House sponsor, said she’s happy with the bill as amended.

“The bill still sends a strong message to the schools and the State Department of Education that the General Assembly does not think it is appropriate to suspend or expel our youngest learners,” the Baltimore Democrat said. If the Senate passes its bill as the committee amended it, the two chambers will have to resolve their differences before the bill becomes law.

Parking Lot Safety



Please be mindful when dropping off and picking up your child in the school parking lot. To maintain safety and order, it is imperative that all rules are followed: 

  • Pull up to the sign that reads, “passenger drop-off begins here.” This allows space for approximately 5-6 cars to drop-off / pick-up students at one time and moves the line quickly.
  • Students should not walk across the parking lot to get to their parent’s vehicle.
  • Students must wait in the drop-off / pick-up area for their parent to arrive.
  • No one should park in the handicapp parking spaces unless they have tags granting that permission.
  • Follow the direction of the security assistant who is guiding the traffic.

Thank you for adhering to these procedures to ensure the safety of our students.