PTA Vacancies

We are starting to look ahead to next year. We need you to be involved. There are some positions that need to be filled. We are looking for two people who would like to work as secretaries. It was decided there is a need for a “recording secretary” as well as a “communicating secretary”. Recording secretary works on agendas, minutes, and timelines whereas the communicating secretary would be in charge of our Facebook postings, Webpage updates, and Yahoo Groups postings.

There is an ongoing goal to improve communications with parents and this would help us. We need at least one volunteer coordinator but two would be great. If you and a friend feel like a team that could do this it would be great. We need a parent to support the Beautification committee and there are opportunities for you all to use their skills and talents.



RPMS PTA WineDown from School Year Fundraiser!

Sun, June 11, 2017
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

Olney Winery!
18127 Town Center Drive
Olney, MD 20833

$25 / person for up to 5 tastings & hors d’oeuvres!
Raffle basket @ 6-9pm

OR stop by for a glass of wine all day and 5% goes to the PTA
OR buy/ pre-order your favorite bottle and $10 goes to the PTA!

For more information:

Suspensions Expulsions of Young Students Out

The House passed a bill that would limit when young students can be suspended or expelled.

The House of Delegates approved legislation Thursday that would significantly curb the practice of suspending or expelling the youngest public school students without first taking other steps to improve their behavior.

The measure now goes to the state Senate, where a committee approved a similar bill Thursday.

Delegates voted 91-48 for the House measure, which bars the suspension or expulsion of prekindergarten, kindergarten, first and second grades students except in narrow circumstances — such as bringing a gun to school. Students could be suspended for up to nine days in the House version — five in the Senate’s — only if a mental health professional determines there is an “imminent threat of serious harm to other students or staff” that can’t be addressed another way.

The legislation directs that schools provide “intervention and support” for students who are suspended or expelled instead of merely sending them home.
Del. Brooke E. Lierman, the House sponsor, said she’s happy with the bill as amended.

“The bill still sends a strong message to the schools and the State Department of Education that the General Assembly does not think it is appropriate to suspend or expel our youngest learners,” the Baltimore Democrat said. If the Senate passes its bill as the committee amended it, the two chambers will have to resolve their differences before the bill becomes law.

Parking Lot Safety



Please be mindful when dropping off and picking up your child in the school parking lot. To maintain safety and order, it is imperative that all rules are followed: 

  • Pull up to the sign that reads, “passenger drop-off begins here.” This allows space for approximately 5-6 cars to drop-off / pick-up students at one time and moves the line quickly.
  • Students should not walk across the parking lot to get to their parent’s vehicle.
  • Students must wait in the drop-off / pick-up area for their parent to arrive.
  • No one should park in the handicapp parking spaces unless they have tags granting that permission.
  • Follow the direction of the security assistant who is guiding the traffic.

Thank you for adhering to these procedures to ensure the safety of our students.