MCCPTA Incident – Financial Irregularities

Message from the PTA President

Dear Rosa Parks Middle School Families,

There have been some questions about a recent issue brought to light by our local news and I would like to take a moment to share with all of you the information I have received.  The following is a copy of an email I received from Charisse Scott the MCCPTA Vice President for the NEC/Sherwood Cluster and an attachment of a FAQ sheet released by MCCPTA on Wednesday of this week.  I have omitted the information regarding a meeting that was held last Tuesday, May 25 because I did not want to confuse anyone.   Other than the information I am sharing I have no other information and it is an ongoing police investigation.  Please note this is an issue of Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Association.  It is not an investigation of any local PTA.


Gina Woodward

Rosa Parks Middle School PTA President


Greetings NEC/SHERWOOD PTA Family,

It is with a heavy heart and stern spirit that I write asking that you take a moment to reflect on your role as PTA/School Leaders. While the roles you have assumed are voluntary in nature, you are an elected official in every respect to the position you now hold.

With local PTA, and county MCCPTA elections in progress, please do not take for granted the responsibility being entrusted to you and your fellow colleagues. How you represent your school, your community, and yourself is a reflection on us all from a public point of view.

Modernizing the role of the PTA to mirror the current needs of our school communities has been a key focus for us this year, and it will continue to be as we push our Triple AAA Initiative, Awareness to Advocate for Action. However to garner the support of the non traditional PTA Parent, it is imperative that we earn and maintain their trust, to believe that we have them and their children’s best interest at heart with every initiative we put forth and encourage their full engagement to ensure their needs are properly represented and actively addressed.

The following is a note from the  MCCPTA Audit Team:

On April 6th, the President provided PDF files of the bank statements downloaded directly from the bank, and on April 9th, a treasurer’s file of receipts and invoices. Significant financial irregularities were found. A police report was filed by Mr. Geller and the Audit Team provided documentation to the Montgomery County Police Department’s Financial Crimes Section. The Audit Team will present our report and will have all documentation available in order to answer questions you may have. We also have an extensive list of recommendations which will help protect our organization in the future.

Because of the sensitive nature of this matter, and the very direct impact it may have on the constituents of the NEC/Sherwood, I strongly encourage us to be supportive and productive in any conversation that may be had surrounding this issue, and that we all take the necessary precautions to ensure the integrity of the investigation is not compromised, and likewise that the integrity of the organizations we have been chosen to lead voluntarily, remain upstanding and effective in all of its efforts.

Stay Tuned for Details on an ALL CLUSTER ACTION MEETING in MAY as we welcome all of our new officers on Board.

Your Cluster Coordinators and I are here to be a resource for you with any questions you may have or direction you may need to help you serve in your very best capacity. Call on us no matter how simple or difficult the problem may seem.

Have a Positively Productive Week & Share This Message with your PTA Colleagues as Needed,

Charisse Scott, AVP
Montgomery County Council of PTA’s
Northeast Consortium & Sherwood Cluster

MCCPTA Audit into Financial Irregularities FAQ